Pre-proposals and Research

To begin my Final Major project I generated and explored my three potential concepts, doing some research for inspiration and creating mind maps of my ideas.. My three ideas were ‘The Waiting room’- considering confusion about the future, life choices and where our destination will be as well as important stages of our lives in regards to these ideas. The poem ‘In the waiting room’ by Elizabeth Bishop influenced my initial ideas, dealing with growing up and awakening to the world around us. I came across artists David Cambria and Kamil Mirocha when looking for visual inspiration, whose interesting portraiture in both cases used different ways of developing and distorting their work which inspired my ideas of expressing internal confusion, uncertainty and of feeling torn.


My second idea which was sort of a variation on my first but in a more retrospective sense, was about Changes and the past. I considered the life defining choices we make and the way we look back and reflect upon this, making comparisons and perhaps feeling a nostalgia or even regret. I thought about ways of demonstrating a person to be torn, in two minds and being pulled in different directions. ‘The road not taken’ by Robert Frost could be a helpful poem in inspiring my ideas for this theme. I feel I may not have quite as much to explore with this idea.


My third pre-proposal idea was about what we overlook and what we see at first glance. I wanted to consider our observation and perception of the world around us, and the way things can change when we do look deeper, something we neglect to do so often. I wanted to explore the beauty that can be found in the unexpected, whether that is in unexpected places or a re-enchantment of everyday or ordinary things that are overlooked.

preproposalsI feel that my first pre-proposal is the strongest but I could perhaps incorporate elements and certain ideas from each into my Final proposal.


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