Reflect and Evaluate

Since beginning the course I feel that I have gained experience and knowledge of a broader range of materials and practices within varying areas of Art and Design. I really enjoyed trying all of the different subject areas, expanding my work through each. Through the course and the Fine Art specialism I believe I have developed as an artist and a student, particularly in the field of painting, exploring a range of concepts and themes within the different briefs. I further understand the importance of experimentation, to help find the destination of a final outcome and am more willing to vary my approach to a project.  My projects for ‘The Body’, exploring fragments of the human form and its musculature, and most recently ‘House and Home’ considering faded memory and the overlapping of places which challenged me to constantly change my painting techniques, have pushed my work into new territories. I have established a different method of producing initial visual material from which to make work, rather than always simply working straight from pictures as I typically had, which I think could be very important in the development of my work.  My last project led me to consider exploring another aspect of human experience and consciousness, as a more complex concept as I found this enabled me to communicate a more engaging response than my earlier work.

I feel much more confident with using a blog to document my work at this point in the course, as I had not used one before, and through this also think I am better now at evaluating and reflecting upon my work and processes. To develop further I must analyse the work of contemporary artists at a greater level, particularly investigating the reasons behind why they make their work, which may inspire and help me in considering the deeper meanings behind a piece of work which can offer up the most interesting reading.

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