Tutorial for Project Proposals

After presenting my three pre-proposals to my specialist tutors during the tutorial, it was clear that my first concept and idea of ‘The waiting room’ was the strongest and therefore is what I will take forward to form my final project proposal and presentation. We discussed my ideas of confusion and uncertainty in regards to the future, as well as the title of my project ‘The waiting room’ and how this could potentially present an actual setting of a waiting room scenario that I could communicate in my project. My tutor was also then able to suggest further relevant artists and visual research I could undertake to inspire my possible directions for the project, considering the set up of older paintings such as Diego Velazquez’s ‘Las Meninas’. As well as the more modern work of David Hockney showing an almost staged looking setting, with his piece ‘My Parents’ in particular, exhibiting a certain set up featuring his parents in their living room. This made me consider further ways of expressing the directions of the future and the confusion over these approaching changes, in a set up environment and background, as well as my initial ideas of distorted portraiture. I was then ready to go on to do my visual research and put together my presentation of my Proposed project.

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