Project research

DSC_0001 (1)DSC_0002‘In the Waiting Room’

I researched and annotated Elizabeth Bishop’s poem ‘In the waiting room’ which had inspired my initial ideas, hoping this could provide me with further concepts to explore in my work. The poem deals with identity and growing up, awakening to the world around you and questioning our place and relationship to other human beings. Bishop uses the perspective of a little girl to narrate this poem and the setting of a waiting room, which appears to be a metaphor for this transitional state the narrator seems to be in. This setting and metaphor is possibly the most important aspect and concept of the poem that will influence my work and that I intend to explore within my project.

Throughout the poem the great unknown is presented to be scary, “sliding beneath a big black wave, another and another”, overwhelming the young girl, and the panic and confusion is emphasised, with these emotions being something I will consider and communicate in my work. The consideration of ties and separations to other human beings around us that is present in the poem is another concept I would potentially like to explore in my project, however more in regards to the directions and paths we all will take in the future and our relationships to others in this sense.


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