Preliminary photos/ Development


I chose to take some preliminary photographs to begin my development process, considering a totally natural set up and environment to take pictures of, which can be contrasted against the more staged ‘waiting room’ type settings I plan to create and use in my later developments. I thought this could be an interesting way to capture a moment with these subjects together in this way, which will not be the same again as things are constantly changing and these people will inevitably head in their own directions in life. I took these photos during my time in the studio, just taking some quick snapshots of my friends busy in their working environment, each getting on with their own thing.

Next I decided to do a sketch from one of my photographs, playing with the protagonists in the image and their relation to the background and settings around them. I have outlined the people, drawing them in fine liner, meanwhile the background and objects in their surroundings, I have simply sketched lightly in pencil. I wanted to try to emphasise and explore the idea of the people being the important aspect to the image, with the background lacking detail and seeming irrelevant due to its ever-changing nature. I considered adding colour do this quick developmental piece, adding further detail to the protagonists whilst blocking in colours on the setting and objects around, to further exhibit this and draw the attention to the people and what they are doing. I may consider coming back to this later in the project.


This practical photographic research and experimentation has helped me to realise the importance of the setting for my protagonists in my photographs in relation to this project, which I plan to stage more and consider before I take more photographs in my next stage of developing my project. This background didn’t have the right aesthetic as it was just an experiment and not the set up or composition I planned for my project, however I do think I managed to communicate my focus on the people and their activities/ thoughts. These preliminary photos were also not as good quality as they could have been, as I had only used a phone camera to capture these natural moments, therefore I am aware that borrowing a good quality camera from college to take my next photographs is a practical solution to this problem to produce technically better quality work.

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