Development Photos

I took a range of photos experimenting with my idea of creating a more staged setting suggesting a ‘Waiting room’ in which to place my protagonists, to then use and work from in my next stages of developing my project. I tried using just one person as the subject in my images at first, still creating the appearance of a waiting room, placing other seats around my protagonist, alluding to the idea that she is in fact waiting for something in this scenario but I did not feel that this quite communicated my initial ideas.

However I then took further pictures in which I included three people as the subjects/ my protagonists in this scene. I found that these images were much more successful in their overall composition when the combination and contrast of these three individuals were place in ‘the waiting room’ together. I got my models to just sit and change positions naturally, whilst in this more staged environment, which I think worked well as through their different positions I think that their different personalities and emotions are communicated, with this combination being the most successful aspect. The most interesting photographs were when my subjects were looking in completely different directions and sitting very differently, all suggesting interests in different things and communicating different feelings and thoughts through their expressions and body language.


When I placed my photographs together side by side I really liked the effect created as I feel it suggested more of an idea of time throughout and of waiting around, through the subtle changes of position, almost like a storyboard.



In some of the photographs I included more of the background, with a wider space around and including a door in the setting of some, to suggest another direction and a way in or out of the scene that i created. The door could represent another way leading to the future.

I borrowed a camera from college to take these photographs to ensure that the images collected were of a high quality as in my previous preliminary photographs, I had simply used my phone camera as i was just experimenting with a natural, messy and unstated setting as a comparison. This however had resulted in much poorer quality photographs with some photos being slightly blurry etc, and I therefore wanted to amend that in this set of photographs, learning from my experience.


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