Development and Experimentation

DSC_0033 copy

I wanted to show the emotions as well as the interactions of the protagonists in my photographs in this scenario, through both their expressions and their body language and positions. In the best photographs they are all looking in different directions, appearing to have different interests and concerns which I felt could communicate the different directions they are looking towards and heading in, whether consciously or not. I think that the scene that I set up with the chairs to create my ‘waiting room’ atmosphere worked quite well however I plan to use a much more plain background in my future images, perhaps including a larger and wider space arounds my subjects. There was also other objects in the room, in the background behind my protagonists in the photographs, which I want to avoid in my next set of photos. In this development stage I also plan to not include these objects to experiment with further creating an atmosphere like I had initially intended. I managed to capture a range of emotions throughout this set of images, with the subjects sometimes appearing nervous, bored, confused or interested and concerned about what is going on around them, and perhaps of what is to come, in the context of my theme.


I tried capturing a moment to exhibit the way that things won’t be the same again and it can therefore never be repeated, due to the inevitable changes approaching. I selected a couple of photographs that I liked the best and stuck them in my sketchbook with plenty of space around, to then sketch in some further lines as though there was further space in the background. This helped me to visualise how my idea would look. I also tried including the door to the room, like I had in some of my other images with a wider shot, to this photo that I preferred, in order to then create a small development painting from this.



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