Tutorial- Feedback and evaluation

I had a tutorial reviewing my progress so far, and discussing how I plan to expand upon and develop my ideas further in the next stages of my project. In relation to my time plan and the time left for the project I feel that I am relatively on track but just need to begin my final piece as soon as possible working from a new set of photos I have just taken, so that I won’t fall behind. My tutor advised me to keep on top of my sketchbook and blog as I go along, as I have been trying to do throughout the project so far which will help me stick to my time plan too and not have to do as much last minute. I intend to keep trying to write down all my thoughts and development processes, as well as annotating the photographs that I take, work I create and any extra research and investigating I do, as an ongoing process.

When discussing with each of my tutors my new photographs and the final piece that I plan to create, we agreed that a large scale would be necessary and the most suitable in communicating my concept. My tutor encouraged me to take forward my ideas from my development work of including the large white background in my piece, making this space even larger in order to add to the atmosphere of the unknown and of it being like a big white void in this ‘waiting room’, and an almost limbo state. The idea of making the people a smaller size in relation to the scale of the large canvas overall was suggested as a development on my work, which I feel could be quite successful. I also think that it could be effective to have the white space of the room surrounding the protagonists more from all sides.

I had discussed elements to consider in relation to the photographs that I had taken/ would take for my final piece, such as the different perspectives to use, how close I was to my subjects, their distance from the background and the various vantage points to try and the impact this would create overall. We also talked about what to include in the background, if anything, and how my protagonists appear in the images, focusing on their positions and expressions as an incredibly important factor in communicating my ideas. My tutor suggested that I could also look back at my artist research at this point which might help me to think about the techniques I will use and styles that will be suitable, as well as their ideas, as reconsidering this may further influence and inspire my practice at this stage.

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