Interim critique feedback

Today we had our second interim critique for the project as a whole group. It was really interesting to see everybody’s work, hear their concepts and see their progression over the project so far, as well as giving us the opportunity to discuss and evaluate each others work and gain some valuable feedback to help us move forward with our project in the final two weeks. I was given positive feedback over the scale that I have chosen to work on for my Final piece, being much larger than I have ever worked before, as it is more impactful and feels room-like at this size. I was also told that the smaller scale of the people in relation to the large canvas was a successful element to this piece as the space further surrounds the protagonists, appearing more of a vast white void.

As I have not yet added the door in this piece, one of my classmates suggested that this added something new to the piece, compared to my small development painting and photos I had presented in the previous critique, as she thought that this provided a new and potentially better perspective on the subject. She thought that without the door included the protagonists/ subjects of the piece are not provided with a way out or a path leading them forward, and therefore appear to be more lost in this space, adding to it’s mystery and a sense of the unknown within, of what these people are then waiting for. This then provoked a little bit of a debate in the discussion as to whether this would be better or why the inclusion of the door is in fact important in the piece, making me reflect upon and further question this myself and help me to confirm my ideas and direction. When a door is included in the piece, like I considered and included in my development work, I feel that a completely different effect is created. Firstly I think inevitably the scene appears more like a room with a door in sight, but also this door suggests a way in or out of the scene and a direction for the characters, with the possibility of leading them on from this state that they are currently in, that I am trying to represent. The door prevents the feeling in the painting that they are essentially waiting for nothing, with no direction or connection to the outside world and the future, and it was agreed by most that the inclusion of some sort of door or window would add something extra to the image overall, both aesthetically and conceptually. For this reason I think I will still include a door in my final piece but I will perhaps try to do it in a way that is slightly less dominating and will not take away from the protagonists and their expressions and feelings in this state in any way.

We also discussed the style and appearance of the scene and the way in which the chairs as well as potentially the doors, look school or college like, placing them in their current settings and state. Therefore I could consider playing with the type of door that I include as well as it’s placement which could add to or take away from this effect depending.

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