Presentation of Final outcome



To present my Final painting I would like it to be hung on a white wall, with nothing else around it in the room so that all of the viewers focus is on the setting in the painting, drawing them into the setting and environment of ‘The waiting room’. I would like it to be hung quite central, further enhancing the white space surrounding the painting and the protagonists in it, as thought this waiting room is continuing from the canvas and is part of the environment it is hung in, whilst appearing almost a window into this ‘state’ of consciousness. I would like the piece to be hung a couple of feet from the ground if this is practical and looks good in the actual practice of it, so that the floor in the painting isn’t too high up as I feel this may look odd and retract from the room-like atmosphere, making it even more surreal. It would probably also be best if I could avoid having to have a door on either side of the painting as this may look less effective when viewing the painting from further back, as it should be really due to the scale of it to see the overall scene. I want the presentation space to be well lit if possible to emphasise the environment.

I will potentially need brackets, screws and a screwdriver to hang my painting, as well as a small stepladder or something sturdy and safe to stand on to reach and hang the top of it. I’m sure I will also need at least one other person to help me move and present my work ready for the exhibition.

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