Final Critique


I was very happy with my feedback from the final critique and feel that I successfully communicated my ideas in the end. In general I think everyone agreed that my painting and ideas were so much more powerful when communicated on this large scale, and it was suggested that this helped the viewer to be drawn into the room as though it were part of their own setting, as I had hoped. My peers also said that they thought the contrast of my painting techniques was a strength of the piece, and that the way I had painted the people figuratively and in great detail looks really good. They said they could tell that I had paid a lot of attention to close details, including all of their expressions and individual emotions, body language and clothing, enabling me to show their personalities which I had really hoped to do, with the main aspect and important focus of my work being on the protagonists themselves and their feelings in their stage of life and mental state. This in comparison to the much more expressive and flowing background was a strongpoint to the piece, as my group suggested. I had made the rest of the background and floor quite abstract and blurry, which one member of my group said created a very dream-like atmosphere, and that the floor appears to be rushing towards the viewer, further inviting and including us in the scene and into the room. The washing techniques used in my painting in these sections has produced this sensation and rushing forward appearance.

My group also told me that they thought I had successfully communicated the large white void of this room behind, with my inclusion of colours used and techniques showing the emotions of the people featured to be up in the air and in the atmosphere of the piece, all coming together, confused and blurry, with this static quality that I had tried to portray. This shows the way things are changing in this dream-like state and my peers did interpret this from my painting, saying it was a very atmospheric piece overall.

Another of my friends brought up the ideas and discussion during the critique of how things are in actual waiting rooms that everybody experiences throughout their lives at some point and can therefore relate to. Everything can be unclear in this state and everyone is heading in different directions, receiving different outcomes, with things yet to be decided and understood. Whilst in waiting rooms, people also wonder what other people are there for and what people are doing, therefore these particular interactions can be interesting to consider.

It appears clear from the feedback from my critique that my communication of the metaphor of ‘The waiting room’ has worked well to portray this concept and that my final outcome and project has been a success overall. During the project I have developed as an artist and painter in both technique and subject matter and as my tutor suggested, in my knowledge and choosing what it is that I want to paint or express in my work, thinking bigger about how to do this.

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