Final Painting

For my Final outcome I produced my very large scale (6’4 by 6’10) painting of ‘The Waiting Room’. In this piece I carried out an idea fairly similar to my small development painting, but with further considerations and developments, working from my selected and combined photographs from my final set, selecting and producing what I believe to be my strongest idea. I think this final painting and my idea was developed thoroughly, taking into account everything I had discovered during the project up to this point. I considered the good and less successful aspects of my work and thought about the atmosphere I wanted to create, and use of perspectives and setting, whilst taking my newest set of photographs to work from for my final piece. Although this was quite difficult as many of my photographs weren’t as successful as I had hoped, I worked with the best images together to create my painting from, to produce something new and more dynamic.

I think that this idea and state of ‘The waiting room’ that these protagonists are currently in, as many could interpret and relate to in different stages of our lives, has worked successfully and translated well, especially in it’s portrayal on this huge scale. I feel I produced the painting itself to a good quality, bringing together a combination of styles and techniques, the contrast of which being and interesting and successful element I believe, and as my feedback from the final group critique suggested. I included a lot of detail in my protagonists in the painting, trying to fully portray their expressions, emotions and personality through their clothing, and their body language and feelings in this setting and essentially, mental state. Therefore I took a lot of time on each to show this in a very figurative style. On the other hand, I was much more expressive when painting the background and floor of my piece, portraying elements of blurriness and trying to demonstrate a static quality to the background, as well as a very flowing floor beneath the protagonists, coming from the canvas and drawing the viewer’s perspective into the room. I wanted to make the piece very atmospheric, trying to communicate the idea of all the emotions, thoughts and feelings being up in the air, surrounding and engulfing these people in the setting and white void of the unknown that room also suggests. I tried to express this through my experimental and more abstract use of colours and brush-strokes in regards to my painting techniques. The outcome of this is a painting with an almost dream-like quality and atmosphere to the background, which I feel enhances this state I was referencing and emphasises the confusion element, and I think quite an impactful painting overall.

In the build up to this final outcome I think I have thoroughly explored my ideas and development of the project, taking all of my previous considerations into account and that I have also put a lot of time and effort into my work so I do feel pleased with the end result overall. My finished project satisfies the intentions I had outlined in my statement of intent and project proposal, in all but that I had  initially considered abstracting and distorting the protagonists to add further elements of confusion, however I had moved away from this idea throughout the project, focusing on other aspects that I thought would work better.


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