Extra research- Waiting rooms

I did some extra research/investigating on Waiting rooms, to find a bit of  further visual inspiration when planning for my next/final set of photographs, to hopefully use for my final piece. I found a wide range of images naturally, all of which portraying diverse atmospheres and emotions through the settings themselves and the protagonists pictured, many showing the subject appearing anxious and tired of waiting, as is clear through their various expressions and body language, as I have been trying to show myself. It was interesting to see the different angles and perspectives that these photographs that I have found, were taken at, and the effect that this had on the image, which I will consider in my own photographs. I also came across some interesting concepts that may be useful in my considerations of the sorts of waiting rooms we may come across in life, such as the idea that “we make progress as we wait, as well as moving more into the territory of a waiting room as a state of mind, much like I have thought about in my project so far, and a place for us to gather and prepare ourselves for what is to come.

researchwaiting in the waiting room

The size of the room and vast space surrounding the person featured in this picture, make this waiting room appear even more threatening and very atmospheric. The fact that she is alone here as well as being far away from the viewer, also adds a sense of isolation and distance, making it seem more intimidating and nerve-wracking for the woman waiting there for whatever reason it may be.


Time concept considered and included- thinking about the time that passes us there and the decisions we make and thought processes we go through during this time.   Expressions, body language, setting.


Waiting in the waiting room (2016) Available at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jhr43/2313468672 (Accessed: 14 April 2016).

The waiting rooms of life (2013) Available at: http://www.ibelieve.com/faith/the-waiting-rooms-of-life.html


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