Painting progression and problem solving

I have found that working on a canvas of this scale has pushed me to change and develop my painting techniques further. I have had to work to try to get paint around different parts across the canvas rather than only working on each small section at a time, finishing each before moving on, as I have done in the past on smaller paintings. I discovered this would take far too long and I wouldn’t feel as if I was getting anywhere fast so roughly figuring out where I would be putting paint on each part helped me to visualise how I wanted the piece to look overall.


I had started painting the first of my protagonists, then quickly realised I would have to constantly move around and paint across the canvas a bit more from the outset to get further with my work. Therefore I tried painting roughly across other areas whilst using one sort of colour, where similar colours and tones would be present, as suggested by my tutor. I also had added in the background to balance out the people and colours I was using for them, which helped to start to bring the painting together by placing them in this background.

doorprogbig painitng-prog

I have consistently been changing my painting techniques with the different shapes, details and textures that arise throughout which has challenged me as a painter. I have also been correcting mistakes and editing sections throughout, going by my own judgement, as well as some helpful comments and constructive criticism from peers.

background kash background

(Beginning with the expressive white background around my protagonists)

I changed the shape of the face of one of my protagonists whilst adding in the background, as I was able to go over a bit of the forehead that had gone wrong by simply applying the white background paint thickly round the section.

backgrounds kash plus door idea

Deciding on the placement of the door partway through, which I intend to paint later on, with my main focus being the protagonists first of all.

kash kashahan lornprogresspaintprogpaintprogress paintingprogpaint

As I have continued with my painting, I have seen its progression and my ideas and development throughout the project coming together and taking shape in this final outcome. I am glad that I did this painting on this scale as I think it is so much more effective this way and will hopefully communicate the message and have the impact that I intended when I have completed it.

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